Beliefs of Grace Mennonite Fellowship

Doctrinal Positions and Beliefs

While many assume that the core beliefs of the Amish and Mennonites are the same as others in nominal Christianity, that’s not really true. Yes, we believe that we are saved by the work of Jesus on the cross and that no amount of good works will bring us into right standing with God.

But as it says in Romans 3:25 it is for “remission of sins that are past”. The book of James describes the qualities of the living faith that is accepted by God. By saying that, we mean this, a true Christian is one who has experienced a radical change in life. True Christians are not habitual sinners.

  • The Trinity (John 1)
  • Jesus, the Son of God-born of a virgin (Luke 1, Matt 1)
  • The Inspiration of the Bible (2 Timothy 3)
  • Literal 6 day creation (Genesis 1-2, Colossians 1)
  • Perfect original creation-without sin (Gen 1)
  • The fall of man (Genesis 2-3)
  • The curse (Romans 5)
  • Jesus is the only means of reconciliation to God. (John 3:16, Hebrews 9)
  • Children in their innocence are safe (Mark 10:13-16)
  • True Repentance always brings a change (2 Corinthians 7)
  • Believing in Jesus is essential for Salvation (Acts 13:39)
  • Belief without good works is unbelief (Titus 1:16)
  • Rebirth and Newness of life (John 3, Romans 6)
  • The truly Repentant and believing comprise the true Church of Christ. (Hebrews 5:9, Acts 2:47)
  • Discipleship(sanctification) of the repentant and believing. (Hebrews 12:14, Matthew 28:20)
  • God provides the leadership of the church. (Eph 4)
  • Baptism of Repentance (Matthew 3, 1 Pet 3:21)
  • The Bread and Wine of Communion are symbols of the Body and Blood of Christ.
  • Communion is for those who are unified (1Corinthians 1:10)
  • Feet washing is observed literally. (John 13)
  • The Christian woman should veil her head. (1 Cor 11)
  • The kiss of Charity among the believers (Romans 16:16, 1 Pet 5:14)
  • Anointing with oil (James 5:14)
  • Marriage is for life. (Matthew 19:8)
  • Divorce and Remarriage is adultery.(Matthew 19:9)
  • Modest and simple clothing and lifestyles (1 Tim 2:8-10, Matthew 6:33)
  • Nonresistance-the reply of love to those who are hateful, leaving revenge to God. (Matthew 5)
  • Separation of Church and state-uninvolvement with politics (John 18:36)
  • Excommunication of obstinate sinners (1 Corinthians 5)
  • Evangelism (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Christians are concerned about spiritual needs as well as physical (James 2:15-16)
  • The return of Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)
  • The final judgment (Matthew 25)