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Who are the Anabaptists and their Amish and Mennonites descendants?

More than four centuries ago in Zurich, Switzerland, a new fellowship of Christian believers was formed. The churches of the day had become unspeakably corrupt. Martin Luther had separated himself from it but had continued the un-Scriptural practice of infant baptism. Ulrich Zwingli also had separated from Romanism, but continued to grant to the political rulers the right to decide the policies and practices of the church.The new fellowship, led by Conrad Grebel and Feliz Manz, was formed to give men and women the opportunity to follow the Lord Jesus Christ according to the whole Word of God, the Bible. The group, hunted and tortured and persecuted at first, was mockingly called “Anabaptist” because of their rejection of infant baptism and the practice of believers’ baptism. Later they were called “Mennonite” because of the spiritual leadership of Menno Simmons, who left the Catholic priesthood to follow Christ.Many Mennonites, because of the fierce intensity of persecution, migrated to Russia. When their religious freedom was threatened there, they joined others in North America who had come from Germany, Switzerland, and Holland. Today, Mennonites worldwide number well over a million.Fatihful Mennonites believe that no person can be accepted by God except through confessing His Son, Jesus Christ, as master, and trusting Him as Saviour from sin. This continued trust in Christ brings from Him power over sin in the present, and confident hope of heaven in the future.Faithful Mennonites believe that the only spiritually successful life, the life acceptable to God, is that lived by the power of God in obedience to the Holy Scriptures. Such a life is possible only through a continuing fellowship in Christ.For more information on the Beachy Amish, Amish Mennonites and other similiar Amish and Mennonite groups.

Hasn’t the Mennonite and Amish Church departed from Early Church (Pre-Nicene) doctrinal stands and position?

It is impossible with this question, as with the prior question, to give a sufficient and in-depth answer. We maintain that, for the most part, we have not adopted a different theology. Yes, there are some differences, but there were also some differences among the early Church.Our request is for an open mind and a willingness to see for yourself what the Early Church truly believed. There is an abundance of writings from that era to give a reader a very clear picture of what they believed. An excellent source for Early Church writings can be found at Scroll publishing. The founder of Scroll Publishing, David Bercot, is one who once understood that nominal Christianity held to Pre-Nicene positions. He decided to see for himself the truth of this opinion. Read for yourself what dramatically changed David Bercot’s life.

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